party planning

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Been battling a sore throat that wouldn’t go away. Better now.

J’s birthday party is this weekend. She’s been counting the days for over a week now. She’s been itching to decorate for almost as long. On the weekend I relented and helped her hang up a few paper snowflakes we had made. That seemed to satisfy her for a few days, anyway.

She’s more excited about the party than her actual birthday, which is the day before.

It’s a secret, so don’t tell, but I have the day off on her birthday, and I plan on taking J to the AGO on her birthday, just her and I. There’s a Ansel Adams / Eisenstaedt exhibit there right now. Maybe we’ll go out for fish and chips for lunch first.

I want to start traditions in our family, and a father-daughter birthday outing is a great idea. Doing something was my wife’s idea, I can’t take all the credit. Going to the AGO was my idea. J’s been asking about going for a long time, and we keep telling her “when you’re older”. Well, I guess she’s older! I have a feeling we won’t be in the gallery long, but at least she’ll get a taste.

She really is getting older. She plays on the computer now… her favourite site is Kwala and Boowa are on there, and they have lots of games and animations to watch. It’s pretty silly. Her current fave song to sing is “Our friend the jolly snowman, has a very big ab-Do-men…” You have to hear it to appreciate the true heights of silliness this song reaches. As it turns out, Kwala has the same birthday as J, which was kind of a bizarre coincidence. Sharing your birthday with a cartoon character, how odd.

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  1. Posted by candeo on 2007/01/25 at 3:36 PM

    heyyyy…your daughter is a blessed girl! fish and chips and art!! what more is there? i missed out on that exhibit in Boston (sold out!)..maybe should come home to see it!!


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