I hate being frustrated.

I mean, why would FedEx list a location as being a drop off centre when they’re not? I went there, and they said they wouldn’t be set up for a week. Ahhh! Of course, it was 4:15 and too late to go anywhere else, not that I could remember where any of the other locations were… this place was like an internet cafe / falafel house / corner store. I guess you get hungry for some food while you’re pwning your friends…

discovered a new show today… 30 Rock. It’s pretty good, I think. I liked Studio 60 (cancelled yet? not yet.) but it was kind of too serious, and I never got to see enough of the sketches. At least with 30 Rock you don’t see the sketch but the rest of the show is actually funny. And Alec Baldwin deserves that Golden Globe for the show… he’s so straight it’s hilarious.

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  1. Posted by DBush on 2007/01/17 at 3:12 AM

    I watched one episode of each of those, but they didn’t really float my boat….I think I just need the quick 1/2 hour stupid-laughs on a weeknight!

    BTW: Whatcha gettin Fedex’ed?


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