After watching the iPhone being demo’d by Steve at the keynote, I am inflamed by desire to have one. So bad.

But really, I am actually sick. I have a wretchedly sore throat. hurts to swallow. Food goes down funny. Food tastes funny. I don’t like that.

New Dream Rig:

  • MacBook Pro 15″ Core2Duo (must have 2GB of RAM)
  • Rugged Portable drive (like the ToughTech eSATA from WiebeTech)
  • (wait, the MBP doesn’t have eSATA…)
  • eSATA Express34 Card
  • Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom (whenever it’s ready to ship)
  • and I’ve been eyeing the HP B9180 printer

And all this for what? I feel like an incomplete artist if I can’t hold something in my hand. A print. We must do everything in service of the print. Every photographer wants to see his or her work in a print, preferably a big one.

I don’t know, maybe I’m sick in the head. Anyway, the list is just the dream. The reality is a little bit slower, a little more pokey, but it works. So I just need to make some prints! 🙂

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