MacWorld Keynote

[my pseudo live reporting on the Keynote… as I read it on and, and yeah, I stole the pictures from engadet…]

So, what have we here?

Apple TV. Knew about it already, the iTV. Cool. Only 720p.

The new device. A widescreen, touch contol, iPod/mobile phone/internet mobile communicator. Do I want one? Not sure yet. Looks like a revolutionary UI, though. iPhone. iPhone? Can they call it the iPhone?

RUNS OSX. wow, it looks sleek. Desktop class applications? They’re giving Blackberry a run for their money. Cool. Looks like widgets to me…

Syncs with iTunes. shows 8GB on screen? is that enough? must be flash. Is that just for iPod?

2MP camera. Slim… 11.6mm. wow. Don’t sit on that baby…

screenshot with Nemo (clown fish) looks gorgeous. my kids would love that. Nemo!

Oh, playing the Beatles on his iPhone. Finally!

Automatic sensors for orientation, automatically rotates. Very smart.

It’s a GSM + EDGE phone. Will we be able to use that in Canada? My poor phone is looking pretty beat up by comparison… I think I need a new one, don’t you?

SMS/texting is like iChat now. Nice. Probably still never use it, but nice.

Photo management. nice use of gestures, you grab the picture with two fingers and ‘pinch’ it to resize the picture.

Hmm, he’s summing up the iPhone now, and there’s still 45 minutes left in the keynote. What’s next, what’s next?

Push IMAP email with yahoo. smart. Web surfing with Safari. Mail with, well… Mail. OSX on a mobile. Who would’a thunk it?

Ok, so he’s not wrapping up. Now it’s the Internet capabilities. He’s demoing Google Maps… which now senses where you are, and gives you a map of your surroundings. So that’s what Google and Apple have been up to… Eric Schmidt makes a guest appearance on the show.

(engadget is so funny. They keep commenting on the crowd reaction. They’re leaning forward, on the edge of their seats. Going crazy. “People are rapt, everyone is actually literally leaning forward and on the edge of their seat. We’ve never seen a presentation like this before.” Guys, that’s because you’re used to watching Bill Gates talk. Sorry, Bill. Welcome to the Reality Distortion Field that is a Steve Jobs keynote.)

Steve is now showing the iPhone in use. He’s not demo-ing the features, but he’s using it like you or I would. Listening to music, call comes in, music fades, looks for a photo to send, looks up movie time, ends call and music fades back in.

I’m waiting for him to say “And it’s available today.” And how much? Wait for it… wait for it… details, I want details!

OK, here it is. 4GB for $499, 8GB for $599, shipping in June. Cingular in the US. Europe by 4th Quarter 2007. Asia by 2008. Canada… who cares to mention Canada? Nobody lives there.


Anything else?

(wow, they’re roasting Stan Sigman, CEO of Cingular. He’s using cue cards. Aparrently, he’s really boring.)

(ooh, Steve’s presentation clicker went AWOL. The backup too. A rare hiccup in an otherwise stellar keynote so far… we could say it all went downhill after Sigman came on… so funny, he tells a story about Woz and their high school hijinks… smooth…)

Announces change of company name to Apple, Inc. dropping the “Computer” from their name. Look out Sony.

That’s it?!

John Mayer is there to play. Cool. But… that’s it?!

Mayer plays: Gravity ā€¢ Waiting for the World to Change

And it’s over.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ames on 2007/01/09 at 8:07 PM

    ok i know you aren’t interested in any MS keynotes šŸ˜› but for my sake…. if you fast forward to about 1:01:00, you can get a short taste of what I’m working on šŸ˜‰


  2. Posted by Ames on 2007/01/09 at 8:18 PM

    Actually this is a better video. šŸ˜› Enjoy!


  3. Posted by DBush on 2007/01/09 at 10:40 PM

    I knew I could count on you Euge!

    I just got home from work – knowing NOTHING of what went on today! I never got a chance to check any sites….

    Perfect summary! Just what I was looking for!

    I almost called you on the way home, so you could tell me all the News.

    But alas, I knew you would have it here!



  4. Posted by divine_conspiracy on 2007/01/09 at 10:51 PM

    Ames, you rock. You are doing way cool stuff inside the Empire, props to you.

    D, I live to serve… šŸ˜›


  5. Posted by kbushling on 2007/01/09 at 11:27 PM

    It will have to be Rogers that carries the phone b/c it’s the only Canadian network with GSM & EDGE! I’m first in line…

    (Yet another reason to switch over).


  6. Posted by divine_conspiracy on 2007/01/10 at 3:04 AM

    yeah, it will have to be rogers, I guess. Well, I know who to call when I want to switch! šŸ™‚


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