CES is on, but I don’t care

The big buzz is on in Las Vegas. Microsoft is spending millions to market Vista and XBOX, I guess. I don’t care. I’m a true Mac-head, I just want to see what new stuff Apple is going to bring out on Tuesday.

True, there are a few trends that will affect Apple in the near short term. 802.11n, for example. Or HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray.

Bill Gates’ keynote is this evening. Steve Jobs’ keynote is Tuesday. (funny how both their names end with an “s”… huh…)

What would I like from Apple? A Mac. Not a Mac Pro, just a Mac. Not an iMac, a Mac. Something without a screen, with a Core2Duo, with 3 slots and a real graphics card. A place for 3 hard drives.

But since everything is going portable, I guess I won’t be getting what I want. Look for something new in the laptop space.

Just two more sleeps till Tuesday!

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  1. Posted by Reformed Jerk on 2007/01/09 at 6:06 AM

    Oooooh Macworld keynote is only hours away! So exciting!!!


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