me have that?

To most parents, this is a common question asked time and again by their toddlers. For us, when T asks us it’s usually when we’ve brought something to the table to eat. As she’s getting older (2.2 yrs) there’s a lot more things she asks about. The other day, we set down taco shells on the dining table and she said, “Me have that?” “Yes, T, you can have that.” “Yay!!” It makes us happy when she can say yay.

Increasingly, there are things that she cannot eat that we are eating, although we usually try to be really good about it, and our whole family just eats safe things. Breakfast (lots of bread/wheat and dairy containing things) and eating out are the worst.

Oh, speaking of eating out, N and I tried a ramen noodle place today that I had heard about on CBC Radio 1, of all places: Ajisen Ramen. Must say, very nice. Very nice broth, noodles were chewy, and the “ngow-lam” was tender and squishy and glutinous. (Sounds gross but you know what I mean… it was good) One of our rare days off together, so that was a nice treat. We did our last minute shopping, a few gifts, but mostly for ourselves :0 (groceries at T&T & Dominion, housewares/kitchen stuff at Cayne’s). Christmas dinner is at our house this year, since it’s just easier for us to make stuff that is safe for T. Not that it’s all that, but we are having leg of lamb this year (yay! my favourite) and we needed a roasting rack… not to mention the leg of lamb itself.

So Christmas dinner, we don’t have to say “no” to T when the food comes out. We can just relax and give her anything we’re serving. And that’s really nice. Being able to let your guard down a bit, it’s a good thing. Especially at Christmas!

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  1. Posted by candeo on 2006/12/24 at 1:41 AM

    oh my GOOOOODNESS. I am SOOOOOOO jealous. RAMEN! Glutinous NGOH LAHM!!!! I’m surrounded by third-rate Chinese, second-rate Japanese and run-of-the-mill pizza places. Oh for some ramen.


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