how to?

When I first started this blog I felt as though each post was like an email to no one in particular. Now I feel like each post is going to real people, some I know, and some who I don’t. (Hi out there!) I’m hopeful that you will each find something interesting or useful from my experiences.

I see from my blogger dashboard that this is my 70th post, which means I have equaled the number of posts on my photoblog. Cool.

I was wondering how you read blogs. Do you use the RSS subscribe feed? A feed reader? Or do you just keep bookmarks / links? Links on your own page to blogs you read?

I have been using Flock’s newsreader feature to aggregate all the blogs I read into one page, that gets automatically updated whenever there’s a new post. It’s cool, and convenient, but I don’t really discover new blogs this way. I tried the “next blog” button, but it’s kind of random (ok, it’s totally random LOL) and sometimes i get nasty stuff, or stuff in not-english, or pre-teen asian girls who typ lk dis and tak abt der FRENS a LOT.

SO how do you go about finding new and amazing blogs?

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  1. Posted by DBush on 2006/12/23 at 3:26 AM

    Who has time for that? Ok, j/k.

    I personally would like find more blogs to frequent. But I think I’m very particular in what I want….Not too long, not too short, the right material, a few pictures…..etc.etc.

    On my PC (so last month) I would just bookmark all the blogs I go to and try to remember to visit.

    Now on my MBP, I use the RSS feeds in Safari (still learning). !!!MUCH BETTER!!!

    L8r Sk8r. <--- 'tis fun 2 tipe lke tat!


  2. Posted by terri on 2006/12/28 at 2:43 AM

    Sometimes I just surf through blogs…it’s not very efficient. If I find one that’s semi-interesting, I follow the links that they have to other blogs. If I like them; they get bookmarked


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