if you haven’t seen CRASH, don’t read on [spoiler]

Something’s been bugging me about the movie Crash. Not the Cronenberg movie, the 2004 Paul Haggis film. In the film, there’s a poignant moment when the girl saves her father with her invisible protective cape from the crazed shop owner. When I watched this scene, I was filled with emotion. Not only because I have daughters, but also because of the incredibly fortunate set of circumstances that saved this guy’s life. When it is revealed that the bullets the daughter of the shop keeper bought for her father are blanks, there is a collective exhale, and everything makes sense. What I want to know is, are blanks always sold in red boxes? Because if they are, and I knew that she bought blanks when she asked for the bullets in the red box, that whole moment would be so much less potent. See, now you know why you shouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t already watched the movie! Is the director banking on the potential audience of his film to be made up of people who are gun illiterate, city dwelling types like me? Or are blanks sold in any kind of box, and the red colour was just something thrown in there?

Anyway, it’s a really good movie… now that I’ve totally ruined that part of it for you… 😦

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