So when I went out to get my Cars DVD (which I still haven’t had time to watch yet…) I also picked up a couple of CD’s that I had been meaning to give a listen to: John Mayer’s Heavier Things, and Coldplay’s X&Y. These are now in my “in car” rotation, along with other notables like Diana Krall’s The Look Of Love and various and sundry children’s CD’s (Veggie Tales, Sesame Street, Sharon Lois & Bram, Pooh). There is a great ritual over who gets to choose the music for the car ride. For a while it was J in the morning, and T in the afternoon, with Saturday being a free for all, and Sunday was mommy’s day. Before that it was whoever buckles up first gets to choose. Anyhow, on one of the rare occasions that I got to choose something, I played a “grown-up CD” for them, Coldplay’s “Fix You”. I was expecting J to complain that she didn’t like it, but instead she listened intently and didn’t say anything until we got home. “Did you like it?” “Yeah Dad, I liked it!” It now has become her favourite big person CD.

Another time I had John Mayer playing as I went to pick them up, and left it on as we drove home. As we get home, I turn off the car, and T pipes up, “Me like that one, Daddy! Me love that song!” She now says that whenever I turn off the car when the CD is still playing, so I’m not sure that it’s just John Mayer she ‘loves’, but she doesn’t seem to mind it. At her age, J would cry and cover her ears if we played something she didn’t like! So we’re making progress, I think… 🙂

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  1. Posted by giz on 2006/11/25 at 8:33 PM

    it’s never too early to like john mayer!


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