one night down, two more to go

well, it’s 9:12, and I’m sitting down in front of my laptop with a cup of tea, brownie cookies, and ready to write. I’ve got a message to finish up tonight, made all the more pressing because I’m on my own for this weekend. Yup, that’s right, N is away at a conference in Calgary, and won’t be back till late Sunday night. So I NEED to finish this up tonight, or I’m not going to be very happy.

a photography update: I got accepted (finally) by iStockphoto. I’m ambivalent about this, because the return on the images sold is miniscule, but I’m proud that I got accepted after numerous attempts and a stern LAST CHANCE warning. If anyone has gone through the process, you know that they are very picky about quality and technical excellence now, so you can’t just submit anything. Anyway, between the time I first applied (May) and now, things have changed. I changed cameras, I inherited a strobe flash, I started paying attention to ‘sharpness’, I calibrated my monitor (^_^) but mostly, I’ve learned more. I’ve learned to suck it up and keep trying. I’ve learned that failure is a great teacher. I’ve learned that when things come easy to you, you don’t appreciate how much there is to improve. I’ve learned that with hard work, I can become the greatest ninja in Konoha! (OK, too much Naruto)

ok, i’m weird. time to get to work! see ya!

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