sing along

T is really talking. I mean really talking. She sings along at bedtime to “Here I Am To Worship”. She has about 60% of the words, all of the timing, 80% of the melody. She’ll sing a little part of a kids song to you, then stop and ask, “Like that story, daddy?” Ask her to do something and she’ll go, “Ok, I will…” And she, just like J did, puts the word “either” at the end of a sentence to indicate a negative, as in “Want choy choy either”.

T is showing some empathy too. Today, J was upset about something as we were getting into the car. T is already buckled in, and just waiting patiently as J has a little crying fit, and reluctantly gets buckled in. (J missed her nap today) Anyway, I ask T what she’d like to choose for the CD to listen to on the way home (J gets to choose in the morning as I drop them off, T gets to choose in the afternoon when I pick them up).

T says, “J choose either? J crying? T choose either? J sad T choose?”

I was pretty touched by this display of sisterly concern on T’s part.

I said, “It’s ok, it’s your turn to choose, J won’t be upset, you choose.”

“Me choose?”

“Yes, you go ahead and choose.”

“Tzena Tzena! Drums!”

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by candeo on 2006/10/03 at 4:55 PM

    hey i really enjoyed that. this is exactly why i harassed you about starting another blog in the first place. =)


  2. Posted by divine_conspiracy on 2006/10/03 at 7:51 PM

    thanks. just a slice of life from the H family…


  3. Posted by Anonymous on 2006/10/05 at 8:41 PM

    eee, so cute 🙂 sometimes, you just have to take care of your older sister, haha.


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