advice on camera tech stuff

I was listening to the American PHOTO podcast with Vincent Versace, and here are some of his thoughts. Feel free to disagree with the validity of these remarks:

1) Buy your last camera first – Versace says that when you’re starting out, you should buy more camera than you think you need. Buy a camera that absolutely and totally intimidates you. Because YOU WILL exceed the capability of the camera. Go for projected need, not perceived need. Save up the cash, spend what you have to in order to get it. (Hence my recent sale of my Digital Rebel and the purchase of a D200)

2) Do not cheap out on your tripod. But if you have to, spend the money on a good ball head. This is more important for work out in the field (both figuratively and literally), less important for PJ and family snapshots… Your tripod IS AS IMPORTANT as good glass out in the field. (I didn’t follow this advice… I sold off the L-Bracket that came with my camera… short term gain, not long term vision, I guess)

3) When building your computer ‘system’, start out with a fast laptop first. Then you will have a computer that you can take out in the field with you, and you can always plug in a monitor to it at home. Let your second computer be the desktop, and get the fastest thing you can afford, because you want to get 3 good years of use out of it. (I guess I’m limping along here with my Macs… all are > 2 years old, none were ever the fastest model at the time… I’ll have to wait until next year to get a new laptop…)

4) Calibrate your monitor. (I used the money from my L-bracket to buy a monitor calibration device… oh yeah, that’s why I needed the cash! LOL)

Now stop worrying about your gear and go take some pictures!!! 🙂

PS It’s SHOWTIME tomorrow…

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