language explosion

Tasha’s up to 5 word sentences now… careful what you say around her, she’ll say it right back! She’s in that “mode”… soaking up new words and we’ve noticed an increased attention span for books that wasn’t there before. She used to get only halfway thru a little book and then push it away, eager to explore something else. She’s a physical sensory tactile type of kid. But now she’ll bring you a book to read, and usually get through the whole thing. Her favourite is Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. Her favourite page is “FATHER MOTHER SISTER BROTHER That one is my other brother!”

Anyway, this book thing is great, because Jackie loves to recite her books to Tasha, and they keep each other occupied while we sneak off and watch a movie, um, I mean, while we clean up and get dinner ready… yeah… that’s right…

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