"Redmond – start your photocopiers" – Bertrand Serlet

Apple – Apple – Mac OS X – Leopard Sneak Peek
Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

We all know OSX is light years ahead of Windows XP… but with Vista finally being released this year next year (?) Microsoft is playing catch-up… again.

But anyway, on to the important stuff!

Apple – Mac Pro

The new heavy iron from Apple… it’s Woodcrest (Xeon)! Yay! Two chips, four cores total, comes in three flavours, 2 GHz, 2.66GHz, and 3GHz. They can access a maximum of 16GB of RAM… 16GB!!! that’s a lot of plug-ins, baby! It looks like Apple has finally hit the ball out of the park… no compromises, really. And $1000 less than the same config from Dell… which is scary for Dell, because guess what… these Macs will boot Windows too!

We live in interesting times, for sure…

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