allergy test

So Jackie had her allergy test yesterday, and as we suspected she’s got nut allergies. She’s also positive for cats, so it seems like between her and Tasha we won’t be getting either a cat or a dog as pets…

She was so brave for her test too, which they did on her arm. She thought it was ok when the marked the spots on her arm with a pen. She got a little concerned when they put the droplets of the various allergens on. And then when the lancet came out to prick each spot, she squirmed and cried, but she made it. The nurse told her to close her eyes and not look, but it didn’t seem to help. I’m not sure whether it’s better to see it coming or to not see it coming. I’m of the disposition that I like to see it coming, and I steel myself for the pain. Like when I have blood drawn, I have to look. And then take slow breaths and try to relax as I see the blood spurting into the little vial… nice blood… pretty vial… shiny needle… *falls over*

What the nuts thing means, most painfully, besides the peanut butter issue (we found an excellent soy nut butter substitute… it’s amazing) is that we can’t go out for Thai with them, because there’s usually peanuts in all of their dishes. Maybe it will be something that Nance and I go out for by ourselves… oh well. It’s definitely easier to have both kids nut free than to have one and not the other. I have to say, living with allergies has become sort of second nature to us now. We were a bit sad when Tasha came up with all these allergies, but discovering a number of our friends who also have similar allergies has helped us a lot. It’s nice to have someone who understands, and with whom you can share the latest discovery of a wheat/dairy/egg/nut free treat!!

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